U13-U19 Full Field

U13 and above Program

Age groups U12 through U19 play regular, 11-a-side soccer on full-size fields. Boys and girls are typically placed on separate teams. However, girls are allowed to participate on boys teams. 

There are three seasons of 11-a-side soccer, spring, summer and fall. Boys high school division plays in the Fall and not the spring. Girls high school division plays in the spring and not the fall. Summer we offer a high school division in boys, girls and coed. 


All teams in Prairie Soccer Club are coached by volunteer coaches who are ususally parents of one of the players. PSC can only field as many teams as it has coaches to coach them. Our umbrella association, Thurston County Youth Soccer Association (TCYSA) provides training opportunities for all its coaches. If you would like to coach or assist with your childÂ’s team, please register as a coach through this website. You do not need to be a skilled soccer player or have intimate knowledge of the game to get started. Enthusiasm and the desire to provide guidance to our young soccer players is all that is necessary.

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