U6/7 Super Mod

Super Mod introduces children to the game of soccer, while concentrating on developing skills and having fun. Games are played on small sized fields with 3 players on each side on coed teams. The emphasis is on playing for fun; there is no score keeping.

Players are grouped together on teams based upon age division, grade, school, coach or player preference.

Super Mod teams practice once a week for one hour. Each practice includes time for skill building, dribbling, and passing games. Game Scrimmages will be held on a second day and will last roughly 45 minutes including a half time.

U6/7 Super Mod teams play games against other Prairie U6/7 Super Mod teams from within their age division. The games are roughly an 45 minutes long and they are 'refereed' and administered by our Super Mod coaches.

U6/7 Super Mod is offered three seasons, spring, summer and fall.

Coaches Needed!

Super Mod teams are coached by parent volunteers. Typically, there is one coach for every 6 players. Teams are coed with both boys and girls.

PSC can field only as many Super Mod teams as it has coaches. No soccer experience is necessary. Coach training specific to the Super Mod Program will be provided.

If you are registering your child for this program and many of his/her friends are registering and expecting to play on the same team, we hope one or a few of the parents from the group might volunteer to coach.

Interested and have questions?  Contact our Club Manager at manager@yelmpsc.org

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