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Youth soccer development is an incremental process that takes players through a transformation from “new to the sport” to “a competent and capable player” over a long period of time.  In order to facilitate the growth of skills, our approach should be consistent and based on building blocks to get our players there. 

In order to deliver on the building blocks of play, our coaches need to have the appropriate skills and abilities to train on the building block topics.  To help our coaches through this process, Prairie Soccer Club offers assistance with “E” License certification, conducts training academies, and on-field assistance throughout the year.  Our goal is to build up a well educated base of coaches who in turn can build a strong base of players.


Starting with online certificates, then moving through instructor led training, anyone can learn the ins and outs of coaching soccer.  There are seven levels of License/Certification/Training in the world of soccer.  The following bullet point list is in progression order as follows:

  • Youth Module Course Certificates
  • State “E” Certification
  • National “D” License
  • National Youth License
  • National “C” License
  • National “B” License
  • National “A” License

Below are additional details on each of the courses.  Starting with those geared toward those new/newer coaches, all the way to internationally capable coachs.  To register for any of these licenses, visit Washington Youth Soccer at the following link:  Coaching Education

Youth Module Courses

Washington Youth Soccer continues to be an innovative leader in coaching resources for our members. Our new online coaching modules for new coaches & parents is dedicated to promoting coaching education to the volunteer parent coach who wishes to continue to educate themselves in the fundamentals of soccer development.

These courses are age specific and offered online.  The overall goal is to quickly bring new parents up to speed on coaching ages U6 through U12.

         U6 Coaching Certificate

This course will educate coaches on how to develop self-awareness in U6 players, as well as presenting the types of movement-education and simple-to-perform tasks that are appropriate to their development.   

U8 Coaching Certificate

The U8 coaching certificate is designed to provide coaches of U8 players with age-specific activities and games that maximize the development of the player's early sense of the relationship between time and space.  

U10 Coaching Certificate

In the U10 coaching certificate, coaches learn more about the specific psychomotor, cognitive and psychosocial needs of the U10 player, and are instructed on tasks and drills that emphasize and encourage their fundamental tactics and skills.  

State “E” Certificate

The State “E” Certificate is an introduction to the methodology of coaching and the four components of coaching soccer — Technique, Tactics, Fitness and Psychology. Field sessions concentrate on developing technique within small-sided games that also present problems for players to solve within the game. 

National “D” License

After obtaining an “E” license, coaches may progress to the “D” license course, which is geared towards those who coach players aged U14 and up. Also covered during the course is the coaches’ “Tool Box," which focuses on helping players to learn through various coaching styles, as well as a greater understanding of coaching the 11v11 game. This is a tested course in which candidates will either receive a National “D” License or a State “D” License.

*Prerequisite:  Hold “E” Certificate for 3 months or have obtained “E” Certificate waiver


National Youth License

The National Youth License is designed to provide club directors of coaching, youth coaches, physical education teachers and soccer administrators with the knowledge to successfully structure soccer environments for children aged 4-12.
The lessons from developmental psychology are explored; and the art of teaching is explored. Candidates are videotaped for analysis during live training sessions.

* Prerequisite:  National “D” License


National “C” License

Coaches who have obtained a National “D” license may take the National “C” License course. Targeted primarily to coaches of the U11-U14 age groups, a primary emphasis in the National “C” License course is the close relationship between technique and tactics. Coaches will be challenged to find ways to offer constructive guidance to players while also allowing players to experience the game for themselves. The National “C” License course also provides a foundation for any coach wishing to pursue higher levels within U.S. Soccer’s Coaching Education Program.

*Schedule repeats for a consecutive weekend
*Prerequisite: Hold National “D” License for 1 year


National “B” License

The National “B” License Course is designed to introduce concepts that are targeting toward coaching players age 16 to college level. The National “B” License focuses on recognizing the principles of the game and its technical applications in 9v9 game situations. Candidates will learn to teach and implement these principles through functional training sessions leading up to the 9v9 game. The course will help candidates get a better understanding of the responsibilities of coaching at advanced levels and will prepare those coaches who wish to pursue the National “A” License.

* Prerequisite: Applicants must be at least 19 years of age and have held the National “C” License for a minimum of 12 months.


National “A” License

The National "A" License course is designed to introduce concepts that are targeted toward coaching older players (older junior level and senior level players). The National "A" License focuses on recognizing the principles of the game and its technical applications in 11v11 game format and how these principles influence positional, group and team organization. The course also examines player, team and game management issues as they relate to the senior level player.

* Prerequisite Applicants must be at least 21 years of age and have held the National "B" License for a minimum of 12 months, and meets the 3.2 rule requirement.


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